SMART EATING. Better value.

For real, Angus beef quality, there’s no better choice than USDA Select Blackwell Angus beef. As a USDA Select product, many different Blackwell Angus cuts can, with the right preparation, be a part of a healthy diet. Broiling, rack-roasting, grilling, braising or simmering are all low-fat cooking methods that can make your dinner healthier. Plus, you can reduce flare-ups by trimming the fat from your steaks.

Don’t forget that healthy meals are made by pairing healthy ingredients.

Substituting low-fat and lower-calorie ingredients can whip your marinades and recipes into shape. And the fresher the ingredients, the better.

Lemon juice, hot and sweet peppers, onions and garlic can all add great flavor without extra calories.

For a breakdown of nutritional information by cut, check out the chart below.

Calories Total Fat Protein Cholesterol Sodium
Tenderloin * Broiled 152 6g 24g 56mg 50mg
Tenderloin Roasted 196 11g 24g 71mg 61mg
Top Loin Broiled 208 12g 24g 65mg 58mg
Tri-tip Steak Broiled 212 11g 26g 57mg 62mg
Inside Skirt Steak Broiled 174 9g 23g 50mg 65mg
Porterhouse Broiled 183 10g 22g 59mg 59mg
T-Bone Broiled 174 9g 23g 50mg 65mg
Ribs Large End, Roasted 201 11g 23g 69mg 62mg
Ribs Small End, Roasted 185 10g 23g 67mg 60mg
Short Ribs Braised 251 15g 26g 79mg 49mg
Top Sirloin Broiled 160 6g 26g 56mg 54mg
Beef Flank Broiled 194 8g 29g 55mg 56mg
Round Tip Roasted 160 6g 24g 69mg 55mg
Full Cut Round Broiled 162 6g 25g 66mg 54mg
Eye Round Roasted 138 4g 24g 49mg 32mg
Top Round Broiled 197 7g 32g 92mg 43mg
Bottom Round Braised 190 8g 28g 104mg 37mg
Tri-tip Roast Broiled 193 10g 26g 83mg 54mg
Chuck, Arm Braised 180 7g 28g 65mg 46mg
Chuck, Blade Braised 224 12g 26g 90mg 60mg
Brisket, Whole Braised 206 11g 25g 79mg 60mg
Brisket, Half Flat Braised 212 8g 33g 80mg 52mg
Brisket, Half Point Braised 222 13g 34g 77mg 65mg
Crosscut Shanks Simmered 171 5g 29g 66mg 54mg
Ground Beef 85/15 212 13g 22g 76mg 61mg
Ground Beef 80/20 209 14g 20g 70mg 58mg